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Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Artisanal Chcolate Easter eggs from Pasticceria Contis, Sanluri, Sardinia

Prince George



Mummy’s boy George only has eyes for Kate. So cute!

Pasticcio di Pasta

Pasticcio di Pasta

This is my own version where I mixed red quinoa with the béchamel sauce giving the dish more protein and a delicious, healthy and nutty flavour.

Roasted Duck with Golden Potatoes and Green Beans

Roasted Duck with Golden Potatoes and Green Beans

Saffron Orzo and Red Capsicum Salad

Saffron Orzo and Red Capsicum Salad

Healthy Super Grain and Vege Salad

Healthy Super Grain and Vege Salad

Heart of Roses Cake

Heart of Roses Cake

Giant Valentine’s Hearts Cookie

Tiered Valentine’s Biscuits


Valentine’s Cookies

Valentine's Cookies

I will start to post some Valentine’s recipes for you, to get you guys thinking of ideas of how to celebrate it. In the meantime, this one of my Valentine’s recipes.


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