Churros is one of the well-known street foods that are found in Spain. Churros is usually covered in cinnamon sugar and it is often served with chocolate sauce for dipping. When ...

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Scrunched Baklava


Kataifi with Rock Melon

Caramelised Apple and Cream Kataifi


Caramelised apple with cinnamon and cream is a match made in heaven! It’s so delicious.

Piñata Cookies

This is very fun idea for the kids and they can stuff their piñata with any type of candy they love or even nutella. It’s so delicious!

Happy Easter!

happy easter


easter copy

easter 2

This Polish easter pastry is consumed in large quantities during Easter. There are many different toppings for these sweet pastries including nuts and jam. In this case, I have decorated it with chocolate praline eggs, dark chocolate eggs and milk chocolate eggs.

Pesto Penne with Chicken Schnitzel


Croque Madame Muffins with Kale




This sweet is very popular in countries of Eastern Mediterranean and South Asia. It goes by several names such as jalebi, mishebik, zalabia and zoolbia. The name ‘Mishebik’ is derived from it’s intertwined appearance and comes from the arabic word ‘mishebik’ which means ‘knotted together’.

Turkish Cooking Course

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