Cooking Tips

Cooking Tip #1

When you roll out a puff pastry dough, try rolling it out diagonally to make it even rather than roll it vertically or horizontally.

Cooking Tip 2#

When making Italian meringue, add one tbsp glucose with sugar syrup to avoid the sugar from crystallising.

Cooking Tip 3#

When removing the skin of a fish, put one tbsp of salt at the end of the tail to get a good grip on the skin.

Cooking Tip 4#

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When packing knifes for a picnic, it’s handy to put a piece of cork at the end of the knife tip to avoid to piercing through

Cooking Tip 5#

When grating bread, it can be hard to grate uniformly into fine crumbs so a handy solution would be to place the bread into a bag into the freezer until it has frozen. Afterwards grip 2 or 3 slices at a time and grate.

Cooking Tip 6#

For an interesting look for your salad, a handy tip is to score your cucumbers with a fork before you chop it up for your salads. This creates a unique look.

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Cooking Tip 7#

Do not store raw eggs sauces containing more than one day in the refrigerator.
Cooking Tip 8#
For a successful mayonnaise, make sure all ingredients are at the same temperature .
Cooking Tip 9#
When making Pavlova, add to the meringue, one tbsp cornflour and one tbsp white vinegar to make the pavlova crispy from the outside and chewy from the inside.

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